East End Plus Art Exhibition

This summer saw the opening of our exhibition titled “East End Plus” by the renowned artist Maria-Theresa Fernandes.

The work itself is an exploration of East London culture during the Olympic summer and her work encapsulates the positivity which London and indeed the whole of Britain was feeling in 2012.


There were also a number of larger installations which were inspired by her time in Florence as well as a number of smaller pieces. For those with an interest in rowing, there are a number of rowing/dock themed pieces on display.


A few reviews of the artists work…

“Admiring Teresa´s paintings we are touched by her pictorial sensitivity. Difficult task in light colours (volume and transparencies on a clear basis). Few do it due to the required dedication with pallet knife(no brush).It´s painting consecrated by the love to paint.” Radha Abramo(Renowned art critique)comments at Solo Exhibition Catalog at SESC Paulista in June 84

“Each piece seems to be autobiographical in someway. The fabric pieces are delicate and womanly, whimsical and free” – Art Michigan 1990



160th Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

Oxford University claim the biggest win since 1973 to beat Cambridge University in the 160th Boat Race after problems hit the Light Blues early in the event.

2014-04-06 16.01.50

Curlew and Globe Rowing Club held a joint social to watch the boat race. With members from both sides helping with the catering…(there was so much cake)…A MASSIVE THANKS for those who baked (especially Bridget, Debbie, Craig, Grace, Katherine and many more. I do not think I have ever seen the newly redecorated Clubhouse so busy, the bar was jumping and the drinks flowing.

Both clubs entered into the spirit of the event, and it was decided that we should hold our own boat race or club races in the summer.

This was the second soc2014-04-06 18.01.04ial that the Trafalgar Committee has held this year. All proceeds from the food will be spent on new gym equipment and currently we have raised nearly £500 for the gym so far this year.

A great big thank you for all Members old and new who came down and supported the clubs. It was great to see many old faces (and new…Baby Gillbe was there) in the clubhouse.





IMG_0543 IMG_0544

The end of summer saw a lot of activity, with the TRC gym being given a much needed face lift, as well the purchase of two new spin bikes to replace the old and broken ones. This is part of the TRC Management Committee commitment to renew and improve the gym equipment. What is next on the list?

A big thank you for all Curlew and Globe members who gave up their Sunday morning to repaint the gym! Please can we keep it nice and tidy from now on…