Venue hire terms and conditions


A provisional booking will only be held for two weeks and if unconfirmed it will be released without notice.

All prices are correct at the time of quoting, and are subject to change without notice.  All prices agreed on a confirmed booking with a deposit paid will be honoured.

No dates may be confirmed without a signed booking form and a full, non-refundable deposit of 20% of the estimated cost of the event. The remainder balance will be invoiced 4/6 weeks prior to the event. This may be paid by cheque made payable to ‘Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited’, or by electronic transfer.

Should you wish to change the date of your event, it will be at the discretion of the Events and Hospitality Manager.

Any person or organisations hiring the facility for commercial purposes must hold their own insurance and must fully identify Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited against any claims made by a third party for loss or damage.

Please note we no longer accept 18 or 21st Birthday Parties.

Changes of event

Any amendments to the original booking will be agreed in writing with Trafalgar and the client.

All events should have an authorised person present to liaise with the Trafalgar team should extra items need to be approved for the final bill.

Confirmed numbers

Trafalgar Centre is limited to a maximum of 80 people, we do not have a minimum person requirement – but please talk to our Trafalgar team if you require any further information.

Site access

The position of the Trafalgar is down Crane Street in Greenwich and is not accessible by car, nor is there allocated parking. However there is parking on nearby streets and a large council car park nearby.

Disability access

Trafalgar aims to make its site as accessible as possible and is working to maximise access for all.  There is a ramp available to gain access to the centre and then there is a wheelchair lift to take person/s to the function room.


Trafalgar team will be able to help source local produce, please liaise with the Trafalgar team accordingly.

Power supply

For additional electrically powered equipment used for events, we will need to know the amperage and voltage required.

Health and safety

The Client must comply with all EPL Health & Safety regulations which may be inspected on request.  The Client shall notify EPL immediately on becoming aware of any accident or injury occurring at the venue.   Any equipment brought in by contractors arranged by the client must have current risk assessments and Public Liability Insurance.

Please make sure you read the following form to familiarise yourself prior to your event:

Heath & Safety (incl. Fire Information)


The Client will be responsible for any loss or damage to Trafalgar property which is attributed to a member or members of their party.  All other damaged is covered by the company Public Liability Insurance.

Licences (all areas)

Trafalgar Trust 2001 Ltd holds a Premises Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 that covers all licensable activities.

The Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited holds a licence from the Performing Rights Society/Photographic Performances Limited for the playing of pre-recorded and live music for general social events. This does not cover any commercial or fee-bearing event, and you are reminded that you must hold your own licence if you wish to charge a fee to any attendees at your event.


Professional photographers must contact the Trafalgar team for permission to photograph/film on the premises.


Please be advised that no signage is to be displayed on the balcony overlooking the River Thames without prior approval of Trafalgar team.  All signage and displays within the venue must be removed after the event.

Rowing Club Access

Trafalgar is open to the rowing club from 7am to 12 noon on the weekend, and selected dates throughout the year.  Trafalgar retains the right to refuse aspects of your event if they clash with the rowers’ experience, therefore please check all aspects of your booking with Trafalgar from the start of your enquiry.

Entering and Leaving Events

Please note that our clubhouse is in a residential area, and when leaving the premises members and members guests are requested to respect the needs of the local residents and leave the clubhouse quietly avoiding any unnecessary disturbance.

Venue will close at midnight.


Smoking is not permitted within the clubhouse, only on the balcony. Once the balcony has been closed, guests are requested not to smoke directly outside the front door due for fear of unnecessary disturbance to our neighbours. We request that smoking is done at either end of Crane Street away from residential housing.


If this contract should be terminated or cancelled, the following terms apply:

  1. The client should notify the Trafalgar team in writing at any date prior to the date of the function
  2. Cancellation at less than seven day’s notice will be fully charged as per the invoiced amount.
  3. Trafalgar team will endeavour to resell the space and to obtain an equal profit margin.  In the event that the function space is resold, the client will reimburse the venue for any shortfall in profit as a result of the cancellation.  If the function space is not resold, the client will pay the venue the invoiced amount:
  4. The hirer will be liable for ANY expenses incurred by the Centre associated with the hire in case of a cancellation – e.g. catering, decorating, disco etc.

Payment of accounts

Invoices will be sent out around three weeks before the event, and payment should be made via The Treasurer. The only case when an invoice will be issued AFTER an event will be for bar charges, where these are invoiced separately, and not all events have separate bar bills. This will be issued by Trafalgar Facilities Ltd, and “as soon as possible afterwards”.

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