Complaints Policy

Overview Trafalgar Rowing Centre (The Traf) is a not-for-profit organisation that operates for the benefit of the water users of the lower Thames region. Trafalgar considers effective and open management of complaints and all external communication to be of prime importance and is committed to the continual improvement of its service by effectively dealing will all complaints to the satisfaction of the person or organisation raising the complaint. In order to do achieve this, the Traf have developed a complaints management system that is supported by the Trafalgar Management Committee and all the Director of the Trust. Policy Content It is the policy of the Traf to:

  • Ensure that all complaints are responded to within 21 days of receiving the complaint.
  • Ensure that all complaints are recorded via on line form on the website, and the action taken is reviewed by the management committee.
  • Ensure that customers and other interested parties are consulted when developing resolutions.
  • Ensure that the cause of all complaints are taken into account when developing new processes or services.
  • Ensure that when taking action to address any complaint, any applicable legislation or other guidance documentation are taken in account.
  • Ensure that all complaints are actioned in line with the SLA’s (Low 28 days, Medium 25 days and High 21 days)
  • Review and if necessary, revise this policy on an annual basis

The Chairman has overall responsibility for this policy but all persons who work within or come in contact with Trafalgar Committee during their normal activities have a responsibility to support and implement the objectives of this policy.

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