Reflections Art Exhibition

2014-06-10 14.11.30On two glorious weekends in June the Trafalgar Rowing Centre was transformed into a artist exhibition space.

With it’s beautiful riverside setting, light and airy atmosphere the “Traf” is an ideal space to show off local (or not so local artists work).

Carol and Steve have used the Traf for a number of years, they love the space, the setting and the versatility of the space…the newly decorated light grey walls, complete gallery style hanging system, coupled with the sky lights, creates a wonderful space to show off all types of art work.

About the artists:

Steve LOBB:


Was born in North London, raised in Surrey, but more recently has made South London his home. He was trained as an artist at Guildford School of Art by Len Stoppani, John Kashdan and Peter Startup and went on to study at the Royal Academy.

Steve’s art works are various in subject and material. He paints in oils and acrylics,

constructs in metal sheets and rod, plywood and cloth and his suGOS 2bjects are landscapes and the city. Because it suggests movement and instability he often uses the circle as his ground and – as a metaphor for Armageddon or The fairground as his stage.

He has exhibited in groups shows with the London Group at the Serpentine Gallery, Royal Academy and with the Greenwich Open Studios.

Carol KENNA:


Carol’s been taking pictures of Woolwich for the past forty years – that’s a lot of pictures – and a lot of changes. And of course, we’re still right in the middle of change – even before the riots this summer, there was all manner of stuff going on – a new DLR makes the place just a little less cut off, though the Crossrail project doesn’t look any closer. Beautiful old buildings are gone,  ugly old buildings are gone; even modern buildings like Peggy Middleton House are no more, we still await the completed results of the development.

General Gordon Square is a skateboard park and the Arsenal has become rather posh. There’s a rather odd giant TV screen and new Gos exhibitionpavements, but the market just about clings on and my favourite Chinese, appropriately named the Favourite Inn, still peeps shyly from behind the station.Carol loves the town with a passion – from Southern Electricity’s display window to the brass pistons that drove the Woolwich Ferry, from the working-class grandeur of the Co-Op Society’s several buildings to the garrison-feel of the town. She’s  been capturing this change and there’s an exhibition of her photographs just beginning at the Heritage Centre, documenting the change the town has seen over nearly half a century.


If you are interested in hosting an exhibition, please get in contact with us…

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