Peter Smith Retires from The Trafalgar Trust

It is with great sadness that Peter Smith has announced his retirement from the position of Secretary from the Trafalgar Trust.

TrafRowCentre-PSmith-10.08Peter (and his lovely wife Marian) have been pivotal to the success of the Trafalgar Trust ever since it’s foundation in 2001. Their talents were endless and dare I say legendary, from cleaning the pipes, serving beer to the annual tax returns, their loss to the Trust will leave a big hole to fill. From everyone involved in both Curlew RC and Globe RC as well as the Trust we would like to wish Peter and Marian all the very best and thank them for all their efforts to keep the Trust going over the past 14 years. A true East London rowing legend.

The Trafalgar Trust is a organisation run by volunteers, if you would like to get involved, please contact your club’s Trafalgar Rep.


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