Trafalgar Trust – AGM Minutes

Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited – Minutes of AGM – 11/12/2017

7.30pm 11/13 Crane Street, Greenwich

Present: Bronwyn Hill, Ray Cassidy, Matthew Richardson, Robert Taylor
A.Heald (Secretary)
Apologies: Phil Collins, Peter Blaseby
The meeting started as a quorum was present

2016 AGM Minutes were reviewed
David Hiller was not present for 2016 AGM – minutes to be amended
RC to give a summary of the roles & responsibilities of a trustee and a brief
overview of current activities of the Trust (by 31/01/18) for any new trustees to
read as a reference point to aid recruiting new trustees
Management committee to quantify the use of the building (previous action
not carried out)
Development of the gym to be referred to the management committee for
further investigation

Financial Statements – Reports & Accounts
Accounts submitted on time for the Trust & Facilities Account for which the
Trustees thank the Secretary
RC proposed that the monies in the P&L account for the Facilities account
should be donated to the Trust account proposed RC,
seconded RT
Proposal to move AGM to September by BH, seconded MR in order to
approve the reports and accounts in person, instead of by email
RC proposed that the accounts do not have to be fully audited – seconded by
RC is the person of significant control for both the Facilities & Trust accounts
for the Confirmation Statements
RC proposed to keep the current accountants for 2018, BH seconded

Directors Report
The Directors report was accepted by the committee

Resignations & Appointments
David Hillier resigned and was thanked for his services
Peter Blaseby to resign when another trustee is appointed & thanked for his

There was no further business and the AGM was drawn to a close

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