Committee Statement on COVID-19


In light of the latest government advice recommending that everyone avoids large social gatherings, and in order to protect the health of our members, guests and volunteers, we have decided to temporarily close the Trafalgar Rowing Centre as from 23th March 2020 in order to play our part in ensuring the country moves beyond this as swiftly as possible.

We will be in touch with anyone who currently holds a reservation for hire of the hall. If you have paid a deposit we will either credit you against a future booking, or refund any money paid – this will be your choice, and our Treasurer will be in touch to make arrangements. AT THIS POINT WE WILL NOT BE TAKING BOOKINGS FOR EVENTS TO BE HELD WITHIN A PERIOD OF SIX MONTHS, ie UNTIL 1ST OCTOBER 2020. We will review this position in three months time.

For over 100 years the Trafalgar Rowing Centre, and its constituent clubs have provided a source of healthy outdoor exercise for the people of Greenwich. We are proud of what we have become over the last twenty years since re-launching as the Trafalgar 2001 Trust: a hub for social, eduicational and community activity, not merely a sports club. We will be back.

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