Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited: Trustees’ Report

Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited
Trustees’ Report

The trustees, who also act as directors of the company present their report and the financial statements for the
year ended 31 January 2018. The financial statements have been drawn up in accordance with statutory
requirements and applicable accounting standards.

The company was incorporated on 23 January 2002 as a company limited by guarantee. It is governed by the
Memorandum and Articles of Association issued on incorporation. It was registered as a charity on 4 February

Objectives and activities

The objective of the trust is to provide facilities for water-related and other physical recreation facilities in South
East London.

The Trustees in conjunction with the member clubs (Globe Rowing Club and Curlew Rowing Club) provide
facilities for water-related and other physical recreation activities at the Trafalgar Rowing Centre on the River
Thames and at the Royal Albert Dock.

The main activities being rowing on river and indoor rowing. Trafalgar 2001 Trust Limited and the member clubs
are affiliated to British Rowing.

The Trust is a voluntary organisation and wishes to thank all volunteers for their assistance with, and
commitment to the success of its operation.

Recruitment and appointment of Trustees

A minimum of six trustees must hold office. Should the number of trustees fall below six, the remaining Trustees
are obliged to appoint a replacement from the membership of Globe or Curlew rowing clubs. Trustees shall be
selected who have particular concern for the promotion of water sports on the River Thames.
Achievements and performance

The trustees are pleased to report the following achievements:

Globe Rowing Club has continued to bring new people into rowing at Greenwich and has seen a big increase in
women members. Through its partnership with London Youth Rowing, it has built a successful junior section,
with girls and boys crews rowing at Henley Royal Regatta for the first time ever and individuals selected to
represent their country at international junior events.

Curlew Rowing Club have built on their successes of recent years in producing both women’s and men’s crews of
quality and have achieved the Club’s highest places in both the Women’s and Men’s Head of the River races.
Both Women’s and Men’s squads have competed at Women’s Henley and Men’s Henley. The Club continues to
attract new members to ensure success in the future.

The Trust continues to interact positively with the local community, the local Education authorities, the Port Of
London Authority and British Rowing, Thames Regional Rowing Council and others to improve the water sports
experience for local people.

Financial review

During the period the Trust received donations of £6,012 and generated funds through the provision of rowing
and other facilities totalling £28,202. Total subscriptions of £2,750 were received in the year. The costs of
generating funds and charitable activities amounted to £52,823 generating a deficit of £15,859 for the year.
Reserves Policy

As indicated by the balance sheet, the Charity held funds of £19,552 at 31 January 2018, at which date they were
considered to be sufficient to meet the forward commitments of the Charity. The Trustees, who are responsible
for the reserves policy of the Charity, monitor and review at regular intervals and are satisfied that the balance
held on both restricted and unrestricted funds are adequate for the Charity’s needs.

Small company provisions

This report has been prepared in accordance with the small companies regime under the Companies Act 2006.

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